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Tevo Tornado – updated configuration for Duet firmware v3 series

I’m Jason Firth.

One of the most popular pages of all time on this site is where I connected my Tevo Tornado to a DuetWifi. I’ve been using that 3d printer routinely for years since I put it together, and it’s been rock solid.

That being said, one thing I believe strongly in is running the latest version of software. You never know when you’re going to run into a bug that has been solved years ago, or you’ll need to solve a problem and nobody else can help with your ancient copy of the program.

This year, the duet firmware had a major upgrade from the version 2 series to version 3. The new version has some major changes. Where Version 2 used input and output numbers, version 3 uses specific i/o names. It’s just slightly different.

As a result, you can’t just move to the new version of the firmware and expect it to work, the configuration needs to be modified to deal with the changes to the i/o addressing.

After waiting way too long, I finally got around to making the modifications and testing them. I was able to get the printer back up and running!

When you’re upgrading the firmware from here you will need to do the upgrade in 2 steps: First, you need to install the 3.0 revision to bring your machine to the latest. Next, you need to install the latest 3.x series firmware.

Here is the config.json you can load into the reprapfirmware configurator.I recommend using this with the reprapfirmware configurator to configure anything specific to your unit.

Here’s the final configuration. You’ll probably want to change the wifi parameters before uploading it to your printer if you drop it in directly!

Thanks for reading!

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