3d printing

A small practical print I wanted to share

I’m Jason Firth.

3d printing is an amazing tool for a variety of reasons, but one of the big reasons is that you can create something you needed much more quickly than if you couldn’t just 3d print a thing.

I’ve had this YI Home PTZ camera for some time, but the problem is where do you mount it? Every object talking about mounting a YI Home PTZ camera left out a really important piece: the part where you actually mount the camera! They had all these really fancy arms and the like, but that was totally meaningless without the piece to connect to the camera!

A few minutes with a micrometer later, and now I have a nice sturdy mount for the camera. I used a pair of drywall screws to connect it to a surface. Since I wish I was able to find one earlier, I’ve made it available here.

Here’s a link to the STL file

Thanks for reading!