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Workmanship matters

As I’ve documented previously, I moved this website from a third party host to hosting it from my own ‘datacenter’. For a while, said ‘datacenter’ consisted of a bunch of computers sitting in my spare room on the floor, but I wanted to clean things up and make it a bit more permanent, since I intend to just let them sit and run for a very long time, hence getting fanless PCs (and two of the machines don’t have a single moving part)

I would have preferred to use slotted tray such as the kind available from panduit, but I was limited to what I could find from home depot, so I used stickybacks and ty-wraps and hid the complexity with an extra little board. I’m very happy with the results, and it’s something that doesn’t look bad on the wall. Even better, these computers really are meant to be mounted vertically, so I immediately got a 10+ degree celsius temperature drop.

In the field, neat installations are very important. A neat installation is more likely to stand the test of time, and the extra thought you put into workmanship will translate to a more robust final product most times. This home installation took a bit more time and money to complete, but it’s working better than ever and there’s a lot fewer ways it can be damaged than if I let everything be loose.

Thanks for reading!