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Another new back-end software product

I’m Jason Firth.

Well, 2021 is coming to an end, and while I haven’t updated the blog with much other than a few technical projects I’ve been working on. Part of the reason for this is that being in supervision there’s a lot of work and a lot of stuff I can’t really share, but the other major thing is just that the aging blogging software I keep using is holding me back.

In 2021, I wrote a book, got it published, created a social media network, a video hosting service, a search engine, and much more, and it really made me realize how important modern tools are. So I’ve moved to a newer platform on a highly upgraded server, and I’m hoping to get the ActivityPub plugin working.

ActivityPub is a protocol for sharing messages between websites. In my opinion, it’s our only option right now for getting away from big tech and towards a Free Internet. That’s why I’ve started to go through the pain period of making the new site and getting it all working.

Most of the old articles are on here, and in some cases I was even able to add corrupted elements that didn’t work on the old site. Obviously one problem is that they all think they were posted today, but I’m willing to take what I can get.

Looking forward to more productive writing in 2022, and now that my book is completed, I’m hoping I can focus a bit more on producing content for this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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