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Unity Pro 8.1 Released

I’m Jason Firth.

Because of an ongoing support issue we’ve been having, the folks at Schneider made sure to e-mail me about a point release of Schneider’s Unity Pro software that was recently released.

Additions include:

-support for new M580 devices

-Device Integration improvements


-implicit conversions (no more real_to_int and int_to_real everywhere)

-security improvements

Interestingly, Unity Pro 8.1 supports Windows 8.1 but not Windows 8.0. Windows XP is no longer supported either.

It’s not mentioned anywhere, but there have been other bug fixes as well. I had a problem with animation tables when I built changes to the program, and installing Unity Pro 8.1 solved those problems.

We also had a problem where the program would slow to a crawl if the variable properties window (accessed by pressing ctrl-enter while a variable is selected) is open. This version solves that problem.

Thanks for reading!

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