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I’m Jason Firth.

I printed off a set of braces for the towers of my Delta printer, and after installing them, found that the printer was all of a sudden failing prints. The kapton tape on my bed was utterly destroyed twice in a row, and the print I was trying to do just didn’t work.

My first instinct was to take a look at the home switches. They were wobbling around, so I figured part of the problem could be that my homes weren’t consistent.

I swapped the square bolts that come with the FLSun printer with actual T-Bolts. I immediately realized there was a problem: The bolts were not holding the part in!

I discovered that the back of the switch had these ridges meant to hold them into the 2020 strut.


I realized the easy way to fix it was to cut away part of the ridge. I used a simple razor blade from Home depot:


Afterwards, the t-bolts I purchased fit properly:


The switches locked in solid after this.

problem: My prints were still failing!

So I looked further. Next up I realized a basic maintenance problem: My belts were very loose. It worked much better after that, didn’t slam into the bed.

However, the print still failed, even though all these maintenance items were improved.

The final solution was to increase the layer height of my prints. I had it set to .06mm, but it appears that once I started tightening up everything, the printer simply isn’t capable of printing such thin layers. Perhaps in its sloppiness it was just barely slopping its way into each of the next layers.

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